Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our distribution network is getting better

Today we distributed relief materials at Jamalabad in Muzaffarpur district. The population is about 10000 with 2200 households.
These people were totally cut off till two bays back..but are accessible now.
We distributed about 400 ORS,10000 chlorine tabs and 200-250 paracetamol.
We are now making packets of medicines and hence more ppl are able to get the materials.
Regarding medicines,
This is what we need-
paracetamol 1000
spasmonil 1000
ORS 1000+
B complex 1000
entroquinol 500
domperidon 500
cetzin 500
cough syrup (anti-tissuitive/anti allergic) 1000
I can procure them directly from regional distributor, and they will cost 50-70 % of MRP, depending upon the manufacturing company.
If we get them cheaper frm Mumbai /Bhopal; we can have it frm thre.
Otherwise suggest that they be procured locally.
Spurious drugs ruled out.Batch no will be validated and signed by the distributor.
If we have a VAT no, then 3% tax can also be saved.
Payment can be made directly to supplier, either by cheque or online transfer.
May need to pay advance.
Attaching some pictures.
Each passing day our distribution network is getting better. Today we were distributing at two places..and it really was a nice feeling to see things falling into place.
We are doing great work guys, and we are getting lots n lots of good wishes from the beneficiaries.
There wz more rain in Nepal since yesterday night.. so possibly another surge in water level likely.

Chandan Singh
Executive Director
GreenPower India

Monday, September 3, 2007

Images : Flood Relief

Images : Flood Relief

Inventory position as on 2nd sept

The inventory position as on 2nd sept.

  1. Chlorine tabs; 6 laks
  2. Paracetamol; 1000tabs
  3. Antibiotics: 1000 tabs
  4. Anti diarrhea:1000 tabs
  5. Bandages
  6. Cotton.
  7. Bentadine
  8. Polythene sheets (donated locally)
  9. ORS1000(bought locally)
Distributed :
  1. Chlorine tabs;4.9 lakh 2lakh(Gaighat)+60k(Katra)+70k (Bhagalpur)+90k(Madhubani)+70k (personally
distributed yesterday and today)
  1. Paracetamol; Around 500
  2. Antibiotics(1000); Around 300
  3. Anti diarrhea tabs;All@Block Hospital, Gaighat
  4. Bandages; With me
  5. Cotton: With Me
  6. Bentadine: Being distributed in small bottles
  7. Polythene sheets (donated locally); 4rolls(Gaighat); 3 rolls(Bhagalpur)7 rolls
  8. ORS1000(bought locally); Around 700 distributed yesterday and today
Bulk medicines brought locally;
ORS 1000 sachets; Rs.5500.
MRP 120 for 10
Batch L-4009
mfg dt; June 2007
Exp dt; June 2010

We are doing very well....its been a wonderful team effort.