Wednesday, August 15, 2007

31 Kgs Cloths send to Red Cross - Patna

Today I dispatched 31 Kgs of Cloths to Red Cross - Patna through courier.
The relief material is expected to reach the Red Cross office within 2 days.

Cost : 31 x 90 = 2790/- (90/- per kg)

I would like to inform everybody here that not everyone has the guts or kind heart to come forward and help people in distress. We are having bad experiences too when we try to seek people's help. I came across Post Office personal in Bangalore - Yelahanka for not entertaining my request to send relief material to Patna. We are getting cold response from Red Cross people in Bangalore and Hyderabad too.

Lets take this as challenge and keep our moral up. We will go to any length to help people in Bihar.

I have attached few snaps of Relief Material which I dispatched to Red Cross - Patna.


updates from Bhagalpur - Dr ravi Chandra

Dear Friends,
we visited maksadpur gaon,banjani panchayat, jagdishpur block, bhagalpur.
we carried chlorine tablets n three rolls of polythene given to us by chandan.
we carried chura gur for food also.
the village was cut off by floods and we were able to reach by walking into the water at places waist high.
The situtaion is too bad.My first experience in disaster situation.Fight brokeout between villages to get packets of chura gur. Somehow we managed.
Polythens sheets were too risky so we took home visits and then distributed.
Surprisingly, bhagalpur side relief operation is not there.Administration as well as ngos presence is lacking. We are too small to make a impact.
as the discussions goes on,may be we can focus on two-three villages max to provide some relief. There is risk for another break in of river tonight. It would be havoc.
I would like to thank all of you for the belief in us to carry out relief work. We have recorded in video camera and would like to upload on some common site where you can see it. situation is too grim to believe it.people are rioting to get relief material in narayanpur area. even a truckload is not enough.
is someone can influence the bihar admin on bhagalpur side, do help us. we will like to do our small bit to provide volunteers and coordinate.