Tuesday, August 14, 2007

stock/distribution status as on 13-aug-07


To the best of my knowledge, this is the present stock/distribution status;

Stock position as on 13th Aug 2007,7.00PM@Patna

  1. Polythene Sheets; 5 rolls; Each roll is 11.5 Kg; ( 80 feet X 4 feet) 320 sq.ft
  2. Chlorine Tablets; 85 boxes of 1000 tabs each
  3. Paracetamol; 1000 tablets
  4. Ciprofloxacin ;1000 tablets
  5. Metronidazole: 500 tablets
  6. Gauge ; two packets(dispensary pack)
  7. Cotton; one roll(dispensary pack)
  8. Salt ; 50 kg
  9. Candles;200 packets(12 candles each)
  10. Matchboxes;10 boxes; around 500 odd pc.

Already distributed:
  1. Polythene Sheet : 3 no. of roll (or 240 feet) to Dr. Ravi Verma, for distribution from Bhagalpur.
  2. Chlorine Tablets; 10 boxes of 1000 tabs each Dr. Ravi Verma, for distribution from Bhagalpur.
  3. Salt, ORS,matchboxes,clothes,biscuits etc were distributed yesterday and today from my contribution.
Tomorrow, we make point to point delivery, namely a) flood relief camp, Gaighat and b) Dr. Sharma (Viveks cousin, Samastipur)

Additional 5 lac chlorine tabs would be sent tomorrow by train from Bhopal,and I should have it by Friday. Rajiv is coordinating with Bhopal for the same.

It has been raining for the last two days...and today it was bad.Roads are really really bad. Had to make numerous detours.Also, in flood affected areas, one gets mobbed of everything that is in the vehicle,once it is known that we are carrying relief materials. Hence am traveling early morning.

Attached are details of three villages from Kalayanpur bock where someone who is known to Vivek can coordinate and monitor sustained relief after the flood water recedes.

We are doing good.