Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Updates on 12th Aug

Saturday 9th aug; I had discussions with NGO coordinators in Muzaffarpur; the flood situation was classified as normal with lookout warning in 3 blocks; Katra, Aurai and Gaighat. However, yesterday evening, I got a call that the flood situation has worsened in Aurai block and about 1200 families have moved on the embankment, taking shelter there. There has been rainfall and rise in Nepal fed rivers. As of now,these panchayats are affected;about 1500 families, mainly in Aurai block: Vishnupur Basant,Bharathua,Amnaur,JanarthSarhachiya,AmanaurPitojhiaBenipur.I suggest we start our flood relief effort now.
We will need water purification tablets ( chlorene tabs) , ORS, anti fungal creme, paracetamol/analgesics, cough & cold medication, salt, candles, matchboxes...and other materials depending upon the ground condition. We will start with ORS sachets & bleaching powder immediately and they can be procured locally. Order can be placed for chlorine tablets either from Bhopal/ Mumbai/Calcutta. The chlorine tablets that Tanya ji sent last year are of better quality than the ones we got from Bhopal. Kindly let me know your suggestions on this years Flood Relief Op(FRO) The apparent good news is that the intensity of floods will not be as bad as last year.