Thursday, August 9, 2007

Contact details of govt officials


These are the ppl from govt. dealing with flood relief;

"Aapada prabandhan"/ Disaster relief

Mr.satish chandra jha ; 0612 2226305, 06126452572

Mr. Kr.Deepak, Assistant state project officer( with UNDP)
deals with NGO help requirements ; 94310 18682

Mr. Manoj Kumar Srivastav, Principle Secretary, Disaster relief
0612 2217945 ; 9430466786

I am in touch with them..and they are happy that we have been able to procure water purification tabs and of course other relief materials.

We can either hand the materials over to them or we can distribute it ourselves. They will try to get us through to the DM of the district which we plan to do relief work, shuld we face any problems.

If possible, TV sir can talk with them and see if we can concentrate in specific pockets for specific materials, so that duplicity is avoided.This is not a priority, am just thinking aloud..will be good if we can.

Area in dire relief requirement are Begusarai, Samastipur,Madhubani n west Champaran.

Am in tch with vivek..and he would try to get us in touch wid Samastipur SDO for relief work n help.

I am also working on relief and rehabilitation of stray and domesticated animals affected by the flood. If u know anyone who is a veterinarian similar field, ..kindly get me in tch wid him (call up chandan @
+91 99317 63070). Help of any kind from anyone in Bihar's flood hit areas will b a big help for me.

I have collected some good clothes for women and will be getting some for children by morrow.

I will be up most of the time before i leave for muzpur. If am not on line call me on cell; 9931763070 ; 9430887731

The groups name given to disaster management is 'onebihar'

Hope thats okey.

Take care folks.. we hav a lot of work coming up.


GE water to provide clean water

On 8/9/07, Atul Kumar <> wrote:
Friends .. am really excited to share this good news. Looks like some real progress on making Clean Water available via GE Water. Just received a very positive mail confirmation from my ex-boss H Bala at GE. Looks like both at senior levels in GE and also at Bihar Government things are progressing fast ..

This link below , (thanks to Naveen) shows that if things work out well then like Chennai in Tsunami it will be really wonderful support at macro level

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bala, H (GE Infra, Water)
Date: Aug 8, 2007 10:53 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Update on Clean Water

We all set...talking to chief secretary this morning.
Will come back to you...all upto sr leadership chain has given green signal, by tomorrow we should mobilize something.

Chandan - 8aug07- Plan of action

Ok so this is what I plan to do.

Most probably I will leave for flood affected area on friday. I am taking my sumo and hopefully should be having one or two volunteers with me.If that is not possible..i go with my driver and guard.

All the relief materials will be in the vehicle. One has to walk around 3 km to reach the relief camp from NH 57. The camp that I will be going is situated at Baruari maithi village and is known as kevatsa kamarthu center, near gaighat , which is 37 km from muzaffarpur towards darbhanga. Here 23 panchayats are badly affected and people and livestock are living on the highway. They are exposed to rain ..shelters were being put up last time.. hopefully they have grown in number.

I dont know how long I 'll be there..but am planning to camp there and find out other relief centers which is accessible by road.

I hav a draft copy of disaster management workbook, and should be able to put it up bfore I leave. The tablets must already be on its way.

I might b missing some imp. things...its kind of hectic here. Please feel free to call me anytime on these numbers 9931763070 and 9430887731. ..or on the net.

Think about what all the victims need, things that we might have overseen..we can carry them frm patna. Money is not a problem.

Its been an awesome effort guys... feel real good to be a part of this pro active group.


Chandan - 8aug07- About relief operations

The relief effort goes like this;
We reach the relief camp or shelter; which generally is a large ground or a portion of the highway or a school or college building. Generally this is the last dry area from which relief operations are carried out.

The block medical officer,circle officer, representations from ngo's like UNICEF n red cross are stationed there. All the relief material are dispatched from this place by boat or other transport to the effected villages. The ngo's which have their team there..get prior permission from the BDO or equivalent ranked officer and they are allowed to go into the villages by their own boats and provide medical aid and/or evacuate the sick ppl to the base camp.

I will hav to stop at Gaighat and giving the relief material to the CO, who then , sends the materials to the needy people. I cannot know which one of the hundreds of village is going to receive the packets that we give them. If we have any specific village in mind..we can request them to deliver the materials there, and weather permitting..they can get it done. THe agency which receives our aid will be giving us written acknowledgement for the same

Only when the water recedes and mop up operations are over...we can venture into the villages and choose one of them to be adopted by us.

Chandan - 8aug07- Updates from Patna

On 8/8/07, Chandan <> wrote:

There has been a incremental spurt in delivering relief material to the flood affected areas. Now at least 4 choppers are flying out every hour..and they are undertaking shorties during night too.

Unfortunately, water scarcity is still acute. Everyone is sending all kind of stuff, but potable water is still not available. People are drinking sedimented water( i.e leave the water overnight, sediments settle down, and they drink it in the morn)

Other thing is that, chlorine or halogen tabs are not going to kill parasites in the water,they just kill the boiling water would be the safest.

In the worst case, if we are not having these tabs by friday..I am still going in with what all i have..we don't have much time.

I also know how to use powdered chlorine to disinfect water..for drinking purposed.. Will probably train 10 to 12 guys at Gaighat to undertake this filtration method in the interiors.

Rajiv, I hav 4k wid me..2k frm u and 2k frm Samir. Let me know when to x-fer it to ir account.

Updates - 8th Aug- GE Water - Atul

On 8/8/07, Atul Kumar < > wrote:
Had a discussion with H Bala (Country Head for GE Water, India) late night his time. He has promised to revert by tomorrow on possible help and details. Solar RO equipment is relatively cheaper/easier and within his scope so more feasible and immediate. Can have about 50,000 litre/day capacity so can take take care of 10,000 families at 5 litre/day (conservative). Having couple of these units will be useful. This looks possible and he will be trying to get a financial grant from GE for the same since investment will be within few lacs.

Bigger equipment like Mobile Water will be really expensive (in crores) though can take care of much larger population and might need to be shipped by Aircrafts etc so shipping costs and logistics etc will be huge and has to be a government level initiative even if GE were to provide it just at cost. Also diesel run power supply etc needed.

In case of Solar RO his engineers will take care of installing etc but we need to take care of local logistics like, when and where and govt or reputed NGO will be needed. He has promised to send the details tomorrow morning his time. Bala also shared the experience in Chennai during Tsunami when the equipment and engineers landed but there was nobody to own them and villagers took (GE Engineers) as government and it was a bit chaotic. Hence maybe we can start a discussion with Chanchal Kumar / CK Mishra / Vivek Kumar and relevant senior IAS officers for the same where the solution would work or not. maybe TVS can take a lead with them.

Also if Chandan or someone on ground can give some data on some target "districts" and "population" to be served by these Solar ROs then will help

Bala has also promised that he will buzz his engineers at Jamshedpur and Calcutta for giving a quick status on feasibility and also any help possible from the Tata Group who probably use similar equipment and are his customers and might want to help.

My take is that we should continue with our current efforts at Chlorine etc and take this as an additional/supplemental option. Even if 5-10 districts can get really clean water then we can feel happy. These equipment can take rain water / flood water also as inputs so will be really helpful.


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The focus is on providing chlorine and halogen tablets to prevent any epidemic breakout due to contaminated water. Your donations are required for buying these medicines. You can also help us in purchasing these medicines by providing contacts.

How these medicines will be purchased?

We plan to buy these medicines in Mumbai and courier it to Chandan in Patna at the earliest. If you can help us buy these medicines in a better way (Better rates, Local contacts in Patna etc) do contact us at 0-9323473603/

How these medicines will be distributed?

These medicines will be delivered to Chandan Singh, who is part of One Bihar Team ( Chandan will take care of its further distribution. Distribution will be through some of the good NGOs working in the relief operations.

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Rajiv Vidyarthy (IIT Delhi, IIM Lucknow, Mumbai),

Chandan Singh (Executive Director, GreenPower),

Tanya Prasad (Mumbai),

Saroj Kumar (Project Manager, based in USA),

Samir Kumar (Research Student in Australia),

Ajit Chouhan (Business Partner, Infosys)

Naveen Sharma (IIT Kgp, Program Manager, Cisco),

TV Sinha (XLRI, Sr VP, Polaris),

Mayank Krishna (Marketing Manager, Pidilite)

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