Saturday, November 24, 2007

Status of funds

Friends, Please forward it to the personal email ids of donors you know. - Rajiv

Dear Friends,

Apologies for the delay in posting the financial updates related to the flood relief. Also thanks for your overwhelming support for the project, without your support it would not have been possible to provide any relief.

We have been able to make good use of the money, and provided relief wherever we could. Details of our project are available on our blog

The financial details are avaiilable at the following link, a brief summary is posted below for your convenience

Total funds raised - Rs. 191208/-

Total Expenditure - Rs. 70,476/-

[Medicines - Rs. 53,194/- and other exp. (transport,courier, local help etc) - Rs. 17,282]

Amount available with us - Rs. 120,732/-

In addition to monetary support, we also recieved polythene rolls from Sri M K Verma and Our first consignment to chandan (medicines like chlorine, paracetramol, Ciprofloxacin, Metronidazole etc) was donated by Tanya ji.

Please mail me if you need any clarifications. Usage of the remaining fund is being discussed in the group, we are open to your suggestions. Please contact us at

Thanks and best Regards,