Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Flood updates


Had not been able to update you all for last four days or so, but had been mostly on road.

Well, the situation of the flood is grim. And, unfortunately, it may be so for another four-five weeks.

We have been able to continue our operations in Muzaffarpur and Madhubani districts.Samastipur is a bit of problem as of now.

We have had really difficult time traveling these five days or so.

The CM had announced 1 quintal of grain to be distributed to all the victims. Next thing
we know that there are thousands of ppl on the road, demanding their share of
free sops.

It’s been horrible since then. How can any machinery deliver close to 50-60000 quintals
in every block of the affected area in a single day? So, we are having sporadic violent distributations,
some vehicles are being forcibly relieved of food grains and there is huge problem for of normal movement of vehicles.The government is reluctant to use force. Every where, some one or the other is blocking the highway…
hope this trend peters out, as it is putting more strain on an already overburdened distribution mechanism.

It took me 11hrs to reach madhubani 3 days back.

7 traffic jams..ranging from 30 minutes to 150 minutes. And u cant go back..cause u r
truly stuck in 2-3 Km long motorcade.

Yesterday, while on way to Gaighat, I picked up Mr Sudhanshu(C.O, Gaighat) from zero mile
near Muz’pur as his vehicle had broken down.

Mr.Sudhanshu,me and doc.

It took us almost three hours(34 KM) to reach Gaighat..huge traffic jam was at some place
15 Km before Gaighat. Cause ? The villagers wanted their one quintal of grain,& because the stock had not come to their block, they were making themself “visible” to the forces that are.

Buses, trucks,private vehicles …all crammed on the highway. People were suggesting that the
flood victims should catch hold of the DM, BDO, CO and force them to get the
grains…why should they block the was affecting common people ?

So true na ? I seen ladies who were really uncomfortable, no place to go for natures call,
stuk for more than 3 hours..children crying, infants dint have water or milk,
old ppl were tired… everyone suffered suffered suffered.

And the CO was with us, I could see the pain and the resignation on his face. Has someone
recognized him, it would have been really sad. as the mob would have turned to
turn on him to “teach’ him a lesion.

No, he just behaved as most of his professional colleagues do. Lack of planning?
Coordination problem? What and Why?

When we reached Gaighat, there were thousands of ppl outside his office..

Circle office

I was in his office for close to 2 hrs. Heard all stuff ppl talk to him. Felt bad...because
of lack of compassion some local chiefs displayed.

One mukhiya thundered..”Road block karma mera fundamental right hai..a hum karbe karenge,
jabtak huko hamara anaaj nahi nilta hai.
’’” Koiyo bheekh nahi maanh rahe hain..
jo hak hai wahi maang rahe hain…nahi milega ta cheen lenge
” Very thin
line between "haq" and "bheekh". Nothing called 'relief' works for this chap.

C.O & D.H.O

When I asked whether he thought how the people travelling through this area are suffering,
spl. women n children …pat came the reply ..”kono tourist spot hai, kee ghumane aate
” “Ghare rahiyae


Thankfully these are aberrations, not the rule.

We have distributed 2 lak 60 thousand chlorine tablets in Gaighat and Katra Block, 1000 anti biotic
tablets, Paracetimol and other otc drugs like nimusulide, zintac etc.

60000 chlorine tabs have been given to Dr.Ravi(Bhagalpur relief)

I have procured 1000 sachets of ORS (21 gms) at Rs.5.40 a pc (distributors price) locally.

I am now going inside the villages. half mile walk in waist- neck deep water. Last time they
took me on a water buffalo. Felt real bad for the animal. So will be walking/
swimming thre from now on. There are three villages in that cluster.Hav given them
some medicines, torch, mosquito coil and chlorine tabs. Maybe will take
some pix nxt time. Dint carry any electronic equipment in these unpredictable

Would be mom :),
she is carrying a baby..

They have had two snake bite deaths last week, one being a young girl, recently married.She
got bitten around 2 in night and dint wake her in laws because of ‘lihaj’

Morning they brought her to sadar hospital,gaighat n was referred to DMCH.. she
died .Most deaths from snakebite is because there is no transportation (boat) from back country

Prevention is
better than cure

Samastipur is totally cut off. Hajipur –Samastipur highway is under water. Muzaffarpur Samastipur highway is still breached.

I hope there is better coordination between different sections of govt. machinery. This is a logistical
nightmare..distribution of relief material, and if not executed in an efficient mechanized
manner... whatever chances the ‘real’ flood victims had of getting help will diminish. Its more of ‘jiski laathi uski
’ now. And poor underfed victims don’t carry lathis. They can hardly walk..let
alone demonstrate and block traffic.I hope this equation changes sure it will.

This is our
Bihar, and we can’t give up. We have to keep chugging n pushing forward. We
have to keep going. We are making a bit of difference. Focus and intensity is the key.


Billy (&) the kid ! Lost goes on !

These kids rock !!

''Then let not what I cannot have, my cheer of mind destroy,

while I sing..I am the King, though a poor, little blind boy "