Thursday, August 9, 2007

Chandan - 8aug07- Updates from Patna

On 8/8/07, Chandan <> wrote:

There has been a incremental spurt in delivering relief material to the flood affected areas. Now at least 4 choppers are flying out every hour..and they are undertaking shorties during night too.

Unfortunately, water scarcity is still acute. Everyone is sending all kind of stuff, but potable water is still not available. People are drinking sedimented water( i.e leave the water overnight, sediments settle down, and they drink it in the morn)

Other thing is that, chlorine or halogen tabs are not going to kill parasites in the water,they just kill the boiling water would be the safest.

In the worst case, if we are not having these tabs by friday..I am still going in with what all i have..we don't have much time.

I also know how to use powdered chlorine to disinfect water..for drinking purposed.. Will probably train 10 to 12 guys at Gaighat to undertake this filtration method in the interiors.

Rajiv, I hav 4k wid me..2k frm u and 2k frm Samir. Let me know when to x-fer it to ir account.

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