Thursday, August 9, 2007

Chandan - 8aug07- Plan of action

Ok so this is what I plan to do.

Most probably I will leave for flood affected area on friday. I am taking my sumo and hopefully should be having one or two volunteers with me.If that is not possible..i go with my driver and guard.

All the relief materials will be in the vehicle. One has to walk around 3 km to reach the relief camp from NH 57. The camp that I will be going is situated at Baruari maithi village and is known as kevatsa kamarthu center, near gaighat , which is 37 km from muzaffarpur towards darbhanga. Here 23 panchayats are badly affected and people and livestock are living on the highway. They are exposed to rain ..shelters were being put up last time.. hopefully they have grown in number.

I dont know how long I 'll be there..but am planning to camp there and find out other relief centers which is accessible by road.

I hav a draft copy of disaster management workbook, and should be able to put it up bfore I leave. The tablets must already be on its way.

I might b missing some imp. things...its kind of hectic here. Please feel free to call me anytime on these numbers 9931763070 and 9430887731. ..or on the net.

Think about what all the victims need, things that we might have overseen..we can carry them frm patna. Money is not a problem.

Its been an awesome effort guys... feel real good to be a part of this pro active group.


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