Thursday, August 9, 2007

Chandan - 8aug07- About relief operations

The relief effort goes like this;
We reach the relief camp or shelter; which generally is a large ground or a portion of the highway or a school or college building. Generally this is the last dry area from which relief operations are carried out.

The block medical officer,circle officer, representations from ngo's like UNICEF n red cross are stationed there. All the relief material are dispatched from this place by boat or other transport to the effected villages. The ngo's which have their team there..get prior permission from the BDO or equivalent ranked officer and they are allowed to go into the villages by their own boats and provide medical aid and/or evacuate the sick ppl to the base camp.

I will hav to stop at Gaighat and giving the relief material to the CO, who then , sends the materials to the needy people. I cannot know which one of the hundreds of village is going to receive the packets that we give them. If we have any specific village in mind..we can request them to deliver the materials there, and weather permitting..they can get it done. THe agency which receives our aid will be giving us written acknowledgement for the same

Only when the water recedes and mop up operations are over...we can venture into the villages and choose one of them to be adopted by us.

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