Thursday, August 16, 2007

50 Kg Medicines & Clothes sent to Red Cross Patna from Hyderabad

Today we posted 50 Kg Medicine and clothes through GATI shipping services to Red Cross Patna.

GATI has offered shipping at minimum basic cost 1006/- for 50Kg.

I would like to thank all contributors on behalf of flood affected people.

1.> Thanks to Hyderabad based NGO Annapurna for providing Chlorine Tablets.

2.> Thanks to BHEL Hospital to for providing Antibiotic medicines.

3.> Special thanks to Jyoti Prakash Lal Sir (Wipro Technologies, Hyderabad) for his providing 500/- for Shipping.

4.> I would like to thank Mr. RL Dwivedi & Mr. PS Mohendra of M/S GATI for offering their service at minimum cost.

5.> Thanks to Rajesh Ranjan & Prabhat Shukla for helping in BHEL township also contribution in shipping. (They will post their detail separately)

Please find attached snap of receipt & relief


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