Sunday, August 19, 2007

Updates from Chandan - 19th Aug

Diarrhea is already broken out in the three districts we are working. The block level doctors are under pressure to contain this epidemic,and are doing their best...with what they have.
We have chlorine tablets, and some antibiotics(1000)Paracetimol(1000),anti diarrhea tabs(1000) and some bandages and cotton.
We need ORS sachets and anti diarrhea tablets.
We continue to distribute chlorine tablets till then.
Now we are having a fresh wave of floods and this is likely to deteriorate the already creaking state relief mechanism.
Hajipur Muzaffarpur highway is under water near Turki..
It was really exciting to drive through one feet of water,for close to 2 km's with just the knowledge..that there is supposed to be a highway below ur vehicle., when all u see around is a sea of water. Its also an awesome adrenaline trip...n u really really want to rip:)
Darbhanga -Madhubani highway is almost not traversable, and Muzaffarpur Sitamadhi highway is down and out.
The flood is not over. The most important thing is that we continue working with this intensity till we reach a point where we feel that we cannot do anything more to help these victims.
Update; Just had talk with Mr Sanjay, (Mr.Mishra's volunteer) he will be in Samastipur day after morning. I will be taking 2 lac chlorine tabs for him, which according to him will be sufficient to provide safe drinking water to all the stranded families in kalyanpur and wazirganj block, the most affected. They will seek help of Dr.D.G.Mandal( Retd Govt Doc) and he would be with us during the relief operation.
Many ppl are also suffering from stomach upsets caused by eating chura/uncooked meals/ irregular diets. Although these are not diarrhea cases, they are creating ground for secondary disease like diarrhea.
We are really working good as a team ..
"Together" is a very powerful thing.
There is nothing that we cannot do, if we are determined.
Thanks for being there, thanks for walking together.Well, we still hav a long walk, lets stick around :)

Chandan Singh
Executive Director
GreenPower India

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