Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flood Relief Operation : 2008

The leftover amount from last year was 89823.

Majority of the people who donated for flood relief last year want to spend the left over money to this year flood relief work.

We have purchased 150x1000 chlorine tablets from Hind Pharma. The tablets are delivered at Patna and we are in the process of Delivering these tablets to flood affected areas in Forbesganj.

We have ordered for 300x1000 chlorine tablets from Hind Pharma and send the tablets to Chandan who is coordinating flood relief work in Patna.

We also send 25K money to Chandan's account so that he can purchase the items necessary for relief work locally.


nissh said...

Hi Rajiv,
I am from Bihar working in Hyderabad.I wanted to contribute to the relief fund.Can you help me in getting this.


Rajiv Vidyarthy said...

Do let us know your email id and will send you more details on that. We need life jackets for evacuation, would be great help if you can help us in locating some vendors and procuring jackets.

Sanjay Prasad said...

Dear Rajiv/Vivek,
Please share NGO's or Govt Relief funds or Chandan's a/c no in the group or through individual mail so that we can make our contribution.
We all are clueless how to actually help.
Sanjay Prasad

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Please visit

for contribution towards 2008 flood relief.