Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bihar Flood relief Meet at BHEL Hyderabad-reg.

Dear Biharis,

A meeting was organized at the International Club at BHEL Hyderabad
Township. The participants were:

1. Manohar Poddar
2. Amitabh Jha
3. Prabhat Shukla Ranjan
4. Ajay Kumar
5. Shaukat Ali
6. Amit Sinha
7. Devraj Thakur
8. Rajesh Ranjan (1 to 8- all BHEL)
9. Vivek Kumar (from NCR Corp)

The situation in flood affected regions in Bihar was discussed and
collected some money and clothes as well. The following have been

1. Money and clothes (well pressed in good condition) shall be
given to Prabhat Shukla Ranjan, OFE Tech (Qtr. No. 142 D, Near IC,
BHEL T/s. Ph- 9912565618)
2. To purchase 1 lakh Chlorine tablets to be distributed among
the flood victims. The money collected shall be used to purchase
these tablets. It is hoped if we could increase the number of
3. Everybody shall provide their native contact details to
Prabhat so that the relief efforts may get some reinforcements.
4. Medicines from BHEL hospital shall be collected by Birender
Kumar and Prabhat.

All the collected items including medicines and clothes shall be
sent to the flood victims through Red Cross society of India or
Courier on Wednesday. Hence, everybody is expected to contribute
latest by 14.08.2007 (Tuesday evening).

Myself will be in Varanasi on 15 Aug and would be arranging for
further relief materials from BHU and other sympathetic people.

Hereby, I would request you all to come forward for contributions in
whatever you can and suggest us the ways for better implementation
of relief works and start a chain reaction of help to our needy
Bihari brethren.

Best Wishes,

Rajesh Ranjan
Design Engineer
BHEL, Hyderabad

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