Monday, August 13, 2007

Updates from Chandan - 12 Aug


Today morning left for Samastipur, and met the representatives of kodai village; these guys had suffered loss of large number of livestock within last 10 days or so, and I had to ascertain whether this is due epidemic breakout in livestock.had to confirm the report and arrange for remedial measures.Luckily, the conditions were not so dire as reported.

Moved further to vasirnagar block through ujjairpur, and distributed clothes, candles matchboxes, salt, chlorine tabs( 4000) to gram panchayat representatives there; took samples of animals for lab testing and was back to Patna.

The flood situation is slightly better, with water receding in almost all pockets.Drinking water is being procured by villagers from hand pump and from the river. Food grain scarcity is very obvious..also stuff like oil, salt matchbox,turmeric etc...these are procured from the nearest town or bazaar. The cost of these things have gone up.

Kalyanypur block is the worst is still reeling under the damages it sustained. There is almost total loss of food grain in that block..and infrastructure is visibly affected.

The road between Muz'pur and Darbhanga is functional now.Tomorrow morning will leave for Gaighat... shud be there by 9am; will be meeting shudanshu ji, C.O, Gaighat and work out how best we can provide help to them. Worth mentioning here is the presence and efficiency of Bihar government team, it felt very nice. Also , red cross is doing commendable job.

Will be handing over the supplies of chlorine tabs/plastic sheets/salt/matchboxes/candles /clothes to him for Gaighat block. Will also be meeting the block vet. officers

Two lac chlorine tabs would be dispatched from Bhopal tomorrow..should receive them by tue- wed.

The overall picture is slightly better now with roads transport being functional...but still...a LOT has to be done.

We will do all we can.. and then some more:)

Chandan Singh

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