Saturday, August 11, 2007

Updates from Bangalore

We had a very good meeting today in Bangalore. We were able to discuss some of the the plan that we can take forward in the second stage of flood relief operation.

Attendees:- Naveen Sharma, Divyanshu, Ashok Sharma, Nitish and Sanjeev
Venue:- Anand Coaching Center, BTM layout B'lore( Courtesy Anandji)

Following is the detailed description of agenda discussed in the meeting:-

1) We collected a substantial amount of clothes and Ashokji couriered it to IRCS Patna, thru DTDC as Bangalore IRCS was non-committal towards that.

2) The members in the meeting, addressed the need to identify the problems in the post flood scenario,that can be solved thru a virtual group like us.

3) Being a virtual group, with a large number of members living outside Bihar, it was identified that we do not have a large number of local presence in Bihar. This puts an operational limitiation on what we can achieve with our efforts.

4) Naveen Sir came up with a proposal that if we can identify a village in North Bihar( being most badly effected in flood), where we have a good local guardian, then we can adopt that village and start development work there.
Since our very own Vivek's ( Hyderabad), village Jitwaria( near Samastipur), has been badly affected by the flood, it was decided that we can put our efforts towards improving the life of people of Jitwaria.In this initiative we can be very well supported by Uncle and Aunty ( Vivek's parents), as they are based there .

5) Naveen Sir will send a detailed mail regarding this initiative throw it open for discussion within the group.

6) We also talked to Chandan in Patna over phone, and he has advised us to arrange sending antibiotic powder as a part of relief material.


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