Friday, August 10, 2007

Updates from Mumbai

The first shipment of chlorine tablets and other medicines is expected to reach Chandan tomorrow (Sat). Professional Courier had called up Tanya in the morning and informed her that the shipment will be delivered on Sat morning.

Betadine, which was part of the first shipment, was sent today to Chandan as the airline had refused to carry it yesterday (it was in liquid form and they needed some kind of documentation for the same).

We have located a manufacturer in Bhopal for chlorine tablets who has quoted 5000 for 1ooK tablets. We have got these tablets tested and have received positive feedback on effectiveness of these tablets.
We plan to buy 200,000 chlorine tablets on Saturday and courier (surface transport) it to chandan.

Chandan will be leaving for flood affected areas tomorrow and more updates on his plan can be found out in the previous posting.

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