Friday, August 10, 2007

Hyderabad Meeting - MOM

Vivek Kumar <> wrote: Today(9th Aug)evening we had a meeting near Cyber

Attendees: Ashok Sharma
JyotiPrakash Lal
Rajiv Ranjan
Prabhat Shukla Ranjan
Vivek Kumar

We all agreed to transfer pledge to Rajiv’s account
ASAP.Worth to mention here:
Transfer your donations through online banking to
ICICI Bank a/c no 002001019947
(Rajiv Vidyarthy, Powai Branch, Mumbai)

Deposit your donations through any ICICI bank branch
to ICICI Bank a/c no 002001019947 (Rajiv Vidyarthy,
Powai Branch, Mumbai)
Going forward we will motivate all Bihari and well wishes of Bihar for donation.

We collect new as well as Old(but neat and clean, well pressed) Clothes & will ship it to Patna via Red-Cross (IRCS) network.

Vivek is responsible for making all coordination with Red-Cross (IRCS), he will follow-up with Red-Cross tomorrow morning.

We all expressed our admiration for wonderful job done by Rajiv and Chandan.

Worth to mention here Chandan is personally visiting & shipping relief in the flood affected areas.

Any body in Hyderabad can contact Vivek (Mob #9441117740) for any kind of donation.

Donation from hyderabad so far: Ashok Sharma 5000/-
Vivek Kumar 2000/- & Clothes.

Some non-Biharis has expressed interest in donating flood relief items.

This weekend Ashok is visiting Bangalore, he will be collecting floor relief items in Bangalore & will try
to ship it to Patna via Red-Cross (IRCS) network.

Ashok is making contacts with all sources and evaluating all possibility of chlorine tablet

Please come forward and organise such meetings in your city.

Best Regards,

P.S. – Red-Cross accepts only good, neat & clean, well pressed clothes

Vivek Kumar
Job At: FSD, NCR Corporation [Hyderabad]

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