Friday, August 10, 2007

First lot of Medicines shipped to Patna on Thu

Have just couriered

1 lac tablets of 25 mg chlorine tabs - one tablet is good enough for 20 litres of water

One dispensary pack each of
( Will add if have missed something)

Package wt is about 70 kgs and sent by air today and should arrive by tomorrow / in case delayed then day after morn.

Total cost of medicine is 14500
( Rs 9500 for chlornie tabs basis rs 95 per 1000)
Courier : 70 kgs x rs 50 per kg

Main cost is courier. Medicines are cheap. Let's look at a way to address this pls.

Will send airway bill number in next mail

Thanks /tanya


Dhanakar said...

My appreciations for the work young men are doing.

Indian or other airships should not take any charge for relief material. Talk to a responsible person there.

Whether the same can be purchased at Patna or other cities also enquire.
Dr. Dhanakar Thakur

chandan said...

Thanks so much.
chlorine or halogen tablets are not available at Patna, hence we are sourcing them frm elsewhre. As the flood water recedes,we will be facing a large no of diarrhea n other water bourne disease cases..hence precedence is for (chlorene) treated water.We hav distributed about 50 thousand tablets and wud be distributing 2.5-4 laks tablets this week.
Airforce is doing commendable job flying shorties in bad weather conditions.Slowly,the road links are being restored..and large scale distribution of relief material will be possible real soon.