Friday, August 10, 2007

Updates from Chandan


We are doing good progress here. We have clothes, medicines and trampolines/plastic sheets and loads of good wishes.

Will be leaving tomorrow for Gaighat after receiving the chlorine tablets.Today met Dr.Ravi and had really good interaction wid him regarding the job at hand. I will be giving him 10000 chlorine tablets and some plastic sheets for relief work from Bhagalpur.

Today a gentleman named Sri Madan Mohan Verma (USA) has arranged for trampolines/plastic sheets worth Rs5000 to be delivered at Patna. I will be picking it up on way to muzaffarpur. I am pasting the letter he had sent day before; .........

Dear Chandanji:

I have come to know of you through Atul's postings at the <> e-group.

I am sorry to know of your personal loss, and am highly impressed by your vigorous relief efforts in spite of it.

I wish to send some supplies like polyester and plastic sheets/rolls. But I need a delivery address for it.

Could you please let me know how best I can have them delivered to you. Your address, for instance.

Warmest regards and best wishes,


M. Varma

That was a couple of days back...and today I receive a call from his cousin at Patna informing me that the materials hav been procured and that I can pick them up whenever I needed it.

I am humbled. And touched. By the fact that so many of you hav come forward to extend unconditional help despite your professional /personal commitments and busy schedule.

Thank you Mr Verma for such prompt action, its really very nice of you and all others who hav been helping us through these turbulent and testing days.

Its so heartening to see this kind of concern and willingness to help the flood victims coming from all corners of the world. may God bless you all and may your tribe increase.


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